Join Us On The Pati “O”

Stressful day at the office? Kids in your hair? Happy Hour with friends or co-workers? PATI-O is the answer!…..where we talk, sip and wine about it! How peaceful it is surrounded by beautiful foliage, eclectic fixtures, and the soft sound of the waterfall.

Cozy up and enjoy small bites, wine flights, or simply a cold one! Whether it’s a glass of vino, or a cold draught of beer, the ambiance and surrounding chatter of PATI-O will sure make your evening take on a charming glow!

The more you know about us, the more we know you will want to visit. We would love to see you in our shop or sipping wine out on our Pati-O. Taste and see what Olio and Vino is all about.